No need to search for who, when, where and how all things were created. One must just be in her/his present to realize that, through true intend, she/he is the creator of her/his world.

Real-time time traveler
We are all time-traveller as we are constantly experiencing quantum memories of previous and future lives. One who consciously experineces the present is a real-time time traveler.

Teleportation & Time-Travel
To teleport and time-travel one must be conscious of her/his frequency signature, or vibratory essence, and intentionally associate it with the frequency of a specific space, dimension and time. Nature will take care of the ride in a vortex based bio-tetchnology where the frequency of the "passager" quantum jumps to her/his destination while her/his related information, memories and body structures, follow in a vortex like shape, dragged by the "passeger's" consicious frequency. 

Light Speed
The speed of light increases as the total of all consciousness in the universe does.

Electron spin is a fractal phenomena in a ratio based universerve.

Consciousness is born form the Planck scale and up. At the Planck scale the world is pure and chrystaline, and the futher away we go from that Planck state, the more disorganized the world is. That is because the larger, the more collective, hence social issue, hence lack of coherence, of organization.

As our consciousness evolves, so does our senses by lifting "layers of truth" and allowing us to comprehend Nature at its overall and deeper scales simultaneously. Yet, the "truth" being sometimes overloading, it has to be revealed through experiences, gradually, which makes the overall live exercise so exiting for consicious beings. 

Human biological engine
"Mitochondrions Motors" manufacture ATP, the energy currency of the body, routing protons across the membrane. These routers are free energy spinning at 8000 rtm at rest and at up to 60000 rtm while exercising. 1000s such routers per mitochondrion and 1000s of mitochondrions per cells and 30 trillion cells in a human body... Quite a free-energy plant! 

Water Memory

While it is understood that memories, dreams and intuitions are stored and developping in the aether (planetary, stellar, galactic, dimensional and beyond), the link to biological entity is water which amount to 75% + of what these organism are made of. The way water structure build itself in resonance with its frequency-information environment is like writing a story, a program,... a poem. If the frequency information is poor, so will be the water quality and what will come out of its translation, hence poor storylines, lifes of the poorly informed biological entities. If the frequency information environment is rich, in balance with spontaneous natural and intuitive vortexes, stories told by the water flow will bring exponential beauty through correlation between being and their world.

LunApollo Moon mission

2022 as the year to re-ignite President Kennedy's original idea of a join USA-USSR Moon mission in order to put aside competition to favor cooperation, hence share cost of R&D for "mankind giant leap" to manifest, at long last. "Luna" being the name of the USSR Moon program and "Apollo" that of the USA, "LunApollo" unites the two and brings back JFK's and Khrushchev's dream into our realm.

Matter mind & language
"It matters" or "It doesn't matter" applies to all things material or mental, hence bringing the latter in the realm of the former, part of a system to slow access to mankind spiritual realities.

Matter/Space resonnance
As space consistitutes 99,99999% of what there is, and matter the remaining 0,000001%, for a dancer to fly through the air, it induces that matter is in resonnance with space otherwise it would be like trying to fly through a water or a wall, through a density that does not resonnate with the dancer's body. Hence, space has an ability to adjust to an infinite type of resonnances, of matters, so that the latter can exist, not disintegrate. Or should we interpret this as the former actually creating matters in reaction to an act of observation? Intent, manifestation and consciousness being the component of observation.

Three levels of 3, 6, 9
Health and every aspect of human life can be seen on three levels associated with 1) energy, space, matter, linear, biology, body, [number 3], 2) frequency, time, light, vortex, chemistry, soul, [number 6] 3) vibration, dimension, void, pulse, electricity, spirit [number 9]. 

Roots & Branches
Being calm as well as alert is key for both confortable times and survival ones. One needs to be physically rooted allowing branching out spiritually better in order to better connect to appropriate information to keep developing well on a confortable life trajectory and to anticipate fast & firm on survival ones.

Soul frequency study
We all create our reality according to our belief systems defined by our collective and individual culture. I experience our material and spiritual reality in terms of frequencies of a quantum nature where space and time are "tools" to stabilize in an essentially material system. The soul surviving the body, the frequencies associated with the production and life of souls seem essential to me to study. From this study of a certain type of physics flows the solutions to stabilize oneself spiritually/mentally and, consequently, to balance serenely, consciously - out of the inerrant limitations to the dependence on space and time - the body, the material that the soul occupies to live that one current life experience. So the body dances and the soul "enjoys the show!" always : )

Low-gravity quantum virus
A civilization that breaks away technologically by being an accomplice - over decades, centuries and even milenias - to an oppression on the people that initialy funded and produced the "seed" technologies, that civilization will never grow path the 3rd space/material dimension for its members are contaminated in a quantum fashion by a low-gravity virus, hence keeping these member entangled physically, mentally and spiritually with poor frequency-events of the people they directly or generationally have been responsible for while profiting a "secret" technology enhancement. Yet, it is but a small enhancement only, not the long time promessed "leap for mankind" which soon will be be revealed to those original people of Earth not compromise, infected, for them to genuinely implement a plan and soon corrolate with all members of the terrestrial communities, human or not, and venture, in peace and with fun, in space, time and dimensions.

Writing & Language
Languages sounds and letters shape are associated with specific frequencies which build in the sub-conscience specific intents from the designers.


Population frequency-based transport to another planet.
Living & "Dead" Realms Unification.

Time travel
"To time travel, one must travel light."

Time Travel
f is frequency and t is time. 1 is oneself, / is gravity and = is consciousness

Galactic cooperation
In time of planetary social crisis, the peoples must remain calm to resonnate with wise civilizations and get their subtle, yet, implacable assistance in upsetting the forces responsible for the crisis. 

Interdimensional cooperation
Resonnating with the beings which physically lived on a planet so they contribute to the solution to a planetary social crisis by means of thoughts to destroys the forces responsible for the crisis.

Bio Soul Tech
The human cellular body dies and is renewed every 7 years. Yet its memories remain intact. Hence, the body is a vehicle with hardware renewable technology with constant soul, ether, connection.  

In Earth 21st century, mankind's consciousness is shifting, realizing it is a 6th dimensional being experiencing a 3th dimensional challenge: letting go the Time-Space reality and embrace the Gravity realities in accordance to the Natural Law, to the genuine quantum flow of everything, in order to manifest collectively and individually the beauty of the Universal Playfull Intent (UPI : ), "Where Fun is Consciousness!" 

Dimension awareness
Pythagore (individual 2D) to Platon (planetary 3D) to Now (galactic 6D) to... X (universal 9D).

Time travel
Van Tassel, Schauberger, Pythagore  >  f = 1/t

Body/Soul relationship
As the soul and its memories remains despite the body dying every 7 years, it, the soul, must be contained in another means than just biological, cellular, but rather by means related to the ether. Hence, a body/soul relationship which can take place in two simultaneous ways: a) via the cellular/water structure, b) via the etheric/EM wave structure. 

Wave is vortex in nature. Particle are linear. The former is holistic while the former is specific.

The Kennedy's Pledge
He knew. We know. They must know too. "WHERE WE GO ONE WE GO ALL".

Don't pull. Don't push.
If something you like comes to you, don't pull. If something you dislike comes to you, don't push. The thought processes of the universe had such liked and disliked event manifest in your live, hence, stay calm, unshakeable, and don't address the situation from a material/body point of view alone which account for 0,00001% of what there is, but rather from the quantum-wave/particle etheric field which account for the remaining 99,99999% of what there is. Don't pull nor push. Be curious always.

Memory dimensions
The live time memories of a being are contained in the electromagnetic-ether field of the planet she/he/it lives on. Her/his/its soul is the most fibrant energy/information event connected both the the outer realms and centre of all that there is, hence living in a multidimensional state with the ability to be conscious in more than one dimension. Therefore, one has always to deal with live-time(s :) memories from its planetary/dimensional soul-events.

iPhone & Pineal gland
iPhone is a tech that allows to access a vast manufactored information stored in iClouds. The pineal gland is a biotech which allows to access to limitless information stored in the EM field of planets, stars, galaxies, universes and of the cosmos. Hence, the former can be controlled for good or bad purposes while the latter can't.

Writing & LanguageLanguages sounds and letters shape are associated with specific frequencies which build in the sub-conscience specific intents from the designers.GoalsPopulation frequency-based transport to another planet.Living & "Dead" Realms Unification.

The 3, 6, 9 dimensions
There are 9 minor dimensions, 3 for each main dimensions : 3 for Space, 3 for Time and 3 for Mass.The basic visualisation works on the X, Y, Z axis (the 3 minor dimensions) concept for each one of the 3 main dimensions. Hence Space, Time and Mass each have 3 axis spreading to infinity on + and - directions pass the zero point.
The "blinking universe" concept can be applied to the main dimensions and their minor dimensions. Space equates to materialism, Time to thoughts and Mass to consciousness.Space equates to energy, Time to vibration and Mass to frequency.Space equates to body, Time to intellect and Mass to soul.Space equates to physical senses, Time to psycho-physical senses and Mass to spiritual senses.Space equates to physical travel, Time to temporal travel and Mass to dimensional travel.
All main dimensions are fractal in nature while bound to the blinking universe system.From the blinking expansion of the universe in those 3 main dimensions result in a fractal entity.