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Kermyl Communication promotion material of the companies it represents provides the blue print for a management team to develop and bring to the marketplace products and services for an abondant planetary society on Earth.
From transportation to communication, from energy to finance, and from health to education, any and every sector of our civilization is about experience an evolution through a) allowing knowledge about new technologies to venture with industries and institutions and b) defining the transitional model for such technologies to be integrated without being disruptive to the labor forces in particular and to the world stability as a all.
Kermyl Communication Mission 2022 is to achieve a) and b) together with experts in the fields of management, engineering, manufacturing, advertising and financing by implementing the process of these companies and making their products and services available to the public by the end of this decade.  


Kermyl Communication implementing a process:

  1. Define objective and business goals. 

  2. Ask for feedback from employees. 

  3. Allocate the necessary resources. 

  4. Communicate the implementation process. 

  5. Identify leaders and take ownership. 

  6. Appoint people to the project team.

  7. Consider organizational structure and culture.

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