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" Interplanetary Livestyle "

The origin of the LunApollo Space Center resort hotel complex has its roots in the accidental visitation of Tess, an extraterrestrial from the Zeta Reticuli constellation, who crashed her spacecraft in suburbian desert of Los Angeles. Soon Tess realizes the beautiful potential of Earthlings, yet feels their civilization is doomed to collapse if they are not informed of the true nature of a phenomena that can "spin anything, anyone, down or up!": gravity. So strong is the humankind's interest in transportation vehicles that she decides that bringing about the gravity-control engine to this society will help it achieve the first step toward full consciousness, hence being able to travel to the stars and beyond. Undertsanding that information through storytelling is what motivate best Earthlings in achieving amazing goals, Tess decides to create one story that will entertain and inform on how to engineer gravity-control technologies. Looking a this civilization recent space industry history, Tess is moved by the efforts of a young leader of a powerful nation called the USA who ignitated the most ambitious space program, the Moon landing mission named Apollo. Simutaneously this leader was pushing for unifying his country's R&D, construction and investment with those of his nemesis, a nation equally powerful called the USSR running its own Moon landing mission named "Luna". Unfortunately that story did not unfold that way and the two nations stayed in warlike state ever since. In a blink, the title of her story came to Tess' mind: "The tale of LunApollo" revealing the beauty of a new physics for a new generation of spacecrafts to travel back to the Moon and far beyond... LunApollo Space Center, an Earth born concept of 12 programs designed by an extraterrestrial for visitors to discover an Interplanetary Lifestyle.

As initiated by The tale of LunApollo, gravity-control vehicles lead the way at the LunApollo Space Center with quiet and environmentally friendly air-taxi services for local transportation while destinations throughout the solar system and to the twelve closest constellations are featured by the LunApollo Space Center travel agency Luna Spaceways. Adjacent to this agency, new gravity-control technologies are presented to the public in a laboratory setting labelled EML for ElectroMagnetic Laboratory to include various R&D divisions, the first being the EmDrive Motors. Precusors of this kind of research such as Nikola Tesla, Otis Carr and Viktor Schauberger are introduced to visitors as well as their technological "off-springs", vehicules developed and built by Luna Aircraft starting with the Luna PAV (Personal Air Vehicle) and the Luna PSV (Personal Space Vehicle) scheduled to fly our skies and the universe before this decade is over. Yet, another type of spacecrafts have been seen hovering over planet Earth for decades, if not centuries, and the secretive entity ChickWorks, Luna Aircraft's Advanced Development Programs, is all about storytelling these amazing phenomenas we call UFOs... As "The tale of LunApollo" hits the shelves worldwide, Tess realizes that the best promotion for LunApollo Space Center hospitality and technological programs would be through the transgenerational medium known as "Cartoon!". In no time, the little outer-space entrepreneur set a animation film production unit "Where scripts are best written!" on the far side of the Moon, and names it "Luna Animation". Feature films, TV series are soon contracted with  major terrestrial networks "Bringing the Fun and the Info!" to all on planet Earth.


Guests who wish for more than the one-day tour can enjoy sleeping over on the resort at the Inntemporal Hotel "Where space and time are illusions and vintage-gravity the sole dimension". Furniture, music, food & beverages, staff uniforms & manners, all account for "an inntemporal hotel experience!". In the park area, visitors gather by the live acoustic music performances promoted by EUM, the hotel Music Space Bar, while for the youngest the fun also resides in joining the kids' aeronautics engineering workshop taught at the Chick Apollo Space Agency known as CASA.


With its 12 programs, the LunApollo Space Center is a resort hotel providing both the confort of vintage hospitatlity operations and, in a storytelling fashion, the knowledge for all to contribute to the dream of a generation of astronauts and cosmonauts, of a young leader and of a little extraterrestrial: a planetary society on Earth ready to evolve technologically and join the infinite community of lives awaiting for mankind, out there, in the universe!

LunApollo Space Center - Programs

1 - "LunApollo" = USSR Moon mission "Luna" + USA Moon mission "Apollo" by JFK, UN 1963 speech (bldg. 1 : hall gallery, wall 1)

2 - Tess, the author from outer-space (bldg. 1 : hall gallery, wall 2

3 - The tale of LunApollo (bldg. 1 : hall gallery, wall 3)

4 - Luna Spaceways (bldg. 2 : waiting room & café, reservation & boarding counter, 8 launching pads, 25 VR launching pads)

5 - EML (bldg. 3 : inventors' museum, engines gallery)

6 - EmDrive Motors (bldg. 3 : EmDrive technology R&D)


7 - ChickWorks (bldg 3 : man-made UFOs, extraterrestrial UFOs)

8 - Luna Aircraft (bldg. 4 : R&D dpt., VR vehicle design dpt., 3D animation & flight simulation dpt., 3D printing dpt.)

9 - Inntemporal Hotel (bldg. 5 : 50 rooms, restaurant, 3 conference rooms)

10 - EUM (bldg. 5 : bar, kitchen, indoor lounge, out-door lounge, indoor live band stage, out-door live band stage)

11 - Chick Apollo Space Agency (bldg. 6 : 3 classrooms, merchandise shop, indoor playground)

12 - Luna Animation (Luna Spaceport, Moon based animation studio)


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